Trista Capitano

About Me

–Plays well

with others.


I am a tenacious designer whose passion lies in building successful brands. What enthrals me about design, is it's ability to display personality and values; to connect with people and create lasting relationships and emotional responses. I thrive off the challenge to harness the power of design, combined with research and strategy to create successful, distinctive and holistic brands.


"You have to meet this girl, she's a firecracker."

-– Bernie Hadley-Beauregard
Principal, Brandever

"– A ruthless ability to deliver an incredible product."

– Daniel Drakbarry
Marketing & Contract Lecturer at The School of Fashion

"Trista’s warm professionalism paired with her desire for perfection makes her a great addition to any team."

– Eve Townsend
Graduate Marketing Coordinator at the School of Fashion