Trista Capitano

Reebok ReeForm

Reebok Ree-FORM emerged from a design competition to develop a technical sock brand for Reebok. Awarded for excellence in design, concept and marketing strategy; the project won first place in the competition.

Role: Research & Concept Development (among a team of 4)
Lead Graphic Designer, Art Director



Runners are typically wired for self-improvement, while many are also discouraged from running due to pain and ailments. The concept for this sock was to help encourage proper running form. The sock used compression/stretch fabric to remind and reinforce proper form. 

Art Direction:

Art Direction:

The concept for the art direction was to create a zen-like feeling surrounding running, focusing on the path ahead (a motif for self-improvement) and the feeling of release after a good run. 

Product Line:

Product Line:

The product line contained ReeForm 1, 2, and 3 which targeted each of the three main classes of runners; heel-striker, mid-striker and fore-striker. 


The Commercial:

It won't just be easy right away, but it will be worth it.