Trista Capitano

Own Your Piece

OWN Your Piece of the Earth is a wonderful book making the world of mortgages more approachable in major Canadian markets, specifically for millennials. I worked with Irene to develop a cover which illustrated this friendliness and aired towards the inviting, story-telling nature of the book alongside it's strong academic content.

Concept Development

Concept Development

I began this process by speaking with first-time home buyers, as well as Irene, about their motivations for buying as well as the moments and feelings that where noteworthy throughout their experiences.

I explored the concept of yearning which people described, the wanting to "have one of your own," "all your own" and the somewhat dream-like goal this tends to be. Also, symbols such as the keys, the front door, and signing papers were common memories people reflected on and cherished. 

Final Product

Final Product

This concept really grabbed people's attention and resonated well. To accomplish the design I both digitally rendered the door and created the illustration behind it.